Dark Souls enthusiasts, brace for an immersive plunge into the abyss! FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment have, once again, pushed the boundaries with Dark Souls 3, a pinnacle in the critically acclaimed and genre-defining series. Here at Player Opinion, we jumped into one of the most enduring and widely played souls-games ever released. We fearlessly embraced the game, racking up deaths in numbers that might make even seasoned players raise an eyebrow. We were hopelessly hooked.


Dark Souls 3 Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 18/25

In Dark Souls 3, a notable refinement shines through as it achieves a commendable balance, surpassing its predecessors. While it stands as a significant improvement, our humble opinion places it slightly below later titles, notably Elden Ring. The controls contribute to a fluid and intuitive experience, though the parry system may feel clunky—either a flaw in its design or a testament to our own lack of skill. In terms of decision-making, the in-game choices often appear futile, yet hidden secrets and special rewards await those who follow specific sequences of events. Despite this, the game masterfully maintains player engagement, weaving a captivating narrative that fosters a deeply rewarding progression system, encouraging conquest in the face of relentless adversity.

Presentation & Immersion: 18/25

The Kingdom of Lothric in Dark Souls 3 unfolds as a captivating, bleak, and dark setting where each area possesses a unique blend of grotesque and breathtaking beauty. Released in 2016, the game impresses visually, presenting a stunning atmosphere that stands the test of time. However, the narrative, much like other titles in the Souls series, remains mostly flat and somewhat challenging to grasp—a persistent issue deserving attention. This, coupled with a HUD that is generally acceptable, reveals some flaws in Dark Souls 3. Yet, amidst these shortcomings, the audio landscape shines. The fantastic auditory elements complement the visual setting, with cues resonating not only through your eyes but also captivating your ears. The dramatic noise of gigantic arrows soaring you way, an example of the intensity you can experience.

Design & Technical: 22/25

FromSoftware is known for crafting challenging AI behavior, a defining characteristic that shapes the essence of Souls-type games. The punishing nature of encounters in Dark Souls 3 serves as a profound lesson, highlighting the consequences of brazen actions with haphazard deaths. In this world, boldness is often met with penalties, while a more calculated approach is consistently rewarded. This dynamic creates an abundance of engaging content, centered around a meticulously designed and implemented system of mechanics. Speaking of mechanics, the game settings within Dark Souls 3 fall within the realm of acceptability—neither noteworthy nor horrible. On a final note, our playthrough remained uninterrupted by technical issues or bugs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey through the game.

The Skinny About Dark Souls 3

Final Considerations: 22/25

Dark Souls 3 provides players with an immensely satisfying experience, particularly for those ready to embrace the challenge. Adding to the longevity and replay value is the New Game Plus feature (common in more and more releases these days), allowing a restart while retaining all stats and equipment. This feature, coupled with the absence of microtransactions, ensures a fair cost-to-play ratio, offering substantial value as players can immerse themselves in the Kingdom of Lothric for at least 50-60 hours. While the notorious difficulty inherent in the FromSoftware Soulslike experience may deter some, it’s important to acknowledge that Dark Souls 3 (Steam Link) isn’t for everyone. However, we highly recommend it for those seeking a challenging journey through a bleak and dark medieval setting—its quite fun we promise.

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