Step into Disco Elysium’s gritty world, crafted by ZA/UM Studio—an independent game developer from the UK and Europe. At Player Opinion, we assumed the role of Harry Du Bois, a detective confronting more than crime—asthma, alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, and more. We explored unforgettable characters, navigated ethical dilemmas, and attempted to unravel the mystery of Harry Du Bois while navigating the criminal underworld of Martinaise’s impoverished district. Join us as we discuss the dual roles of being a detective and uncovering Harry’s story in this dialogue-driven role-playing game, Disco Elysium.


Disco Elysium Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 22/25

Disco Elysium reminds us of an old detective movie, leaving the player eager to uncover its stark and gripping narrative. The controls, employing a simple point-and-click system, enhance effortless navigation. Most of the world you get to explore is within the words of the characters you meet, gameplay; akin to D&D, skill checks involve dice rolls and skill points determining success. However, failure is a viable option, leading to amusing and unexpected results, sometimes even the correct ones. Decisions hold immense significance, shaping every encounter and character interaction, ultimately influencing your unique ending. Disco Elysium is best played blindly, without save-scumming, resulting in unforeseen endings and outcomes. It’s about savoring the journey, making Disco Elysium exceptionally rewarding to play.

Presentation & Immersion: 21/25

The immersive qualities of Disco Elysium are improved by the inclusion of voice acting in a later release, pulling players into the story. The moody backdrop, characterized by sorrowful trumpet music and chilly sounds reminiscent of a winter’s day, contributes to the game’s distinct ambiance. The visual art, like peering through an empty wine bottle, effectively conveys the feeling of being hungover or caught in the bleak grip of addiction, echoing the struggles of the main character, Harry Du Bois. The initial engagement of the story hooks players with mystery, gradually unfolding and providing morsels of information as they progress. Navigating the HUD and skill system proves to be user-friendly, though they are average compared to other games, which isn’t necessarily a drawback.

Design & Technical: 19/25

During our playthrough of Disco Elysium we were surprised by the abundance of written content, all intricately crafted and designed to draw us into its storyline. Our journey through Martinaise was a seamless experience, we encountered no technical issues or bugs during two complete playthroughs. The game mechanics, though well-crafted, align with what you’d typically find in a point-and-click adventure game. However, this doesn’t hinder the overall experience, which remains smooth and uninterrupted. Simplicity characterizes the game settings, a deliberate choice that proves effective without the need for unnecessary complexity. Disco Elysium excels in its design, seamlessly blending engaging content with well-crafted mechanics. The absence of a prominent AI role allows a unique and immersive journey through the beautifully painted world and written dialogue. Hats off to ZA/UM Studio.

The Skinny About Disco Elysium

Final Considerations: 24/25

Having completed two playthroughs of Disco Elysium before writing this review, we can attest to its remarkable replay value. Each journey through Martinaise as Harry Du Bois yielded a unique outcome and ending, enhancing the overall satisfaction and fulfillment of the experience. We found the absence of microtransactions particularly commendable, aligning with Player Opinion’s preference for games that prioritize content value over monetary transactions. We wholeheartedly recommend Disco Elysium (explore the game on Steam) to those seeking a leisurely role-playing adventure, devoid of the need for twitch movements but enriched with a slow burn of immersive experience. Picture it best enjoyed with a cup of tea on a cold, wet, rainy day.

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