Released in 2014 and revisited by us at Player Opinion after many years, BioWare and Electronic Arts‘ Dragon Age: Inquisition stands as an epic action RPG, earning acclaim with over 130 Game of the Year awards. But does this critically acclaimed title hold up against its modern counterparts? Venturing into this fantastical realm, we assumed the role of the Inquisitor, tasked with quelling civil unrest and confronting the mysterious “Breach” tearing through the sky.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 16/25

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, players encounter fairly intuitive controls that, despite the game’s age, prove to be fairly intuitive. This allows for smooth execution of skill combos and the chaining of attacks, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Throughout the game, meaningful choices flourish, shaping not only the immediate environment but also influencing the ultimate outcome. This balance extends to combat encounters, where even characters with under-optimized builds can navigate through most fights without excessive difficulty. However, amidst these strengths, we encountered a notable drawback: a lack of engagement with the game’s storyline. Despite the richness of the world and the depth of its lore, we found ourselves struggling to maintain interest, resulting in a sense of uninspired progress and occasional bouts of outright boredom during gameplay.

Presentation & Immersion: 18/25

While Dragon Age: Inquisition’s storyline is crafted with exquisite care and attention to detail, the overall atmosphere often feels lackluster and occasionally bland. Players frequently find themselves traversing vast open spaces, either in search of enemy packs or engaged in what feels like mundane quest delivery tasks from point A to point B. Graphically, the game holds up impressively well for its 2014 release standards. Character models are meticulously designed, spells and skills are visually striking, and cutscenes remain captivating throughout. The inclusion of decent in-game music and sound effects further elevates the overall presentation, contributing to a high-quality gaming experience. Additionally, the menu system and HUD are well-designed, seamlessly integrating with the gameplay and keeping the player immersed in the world of Thedas

Design & Technical: 17/25

The game boasts a wealth of content, including numerous side quests and branching storylines. However, while the quantity of content is abundant, the quality often falls short, presenting a somewhat lackluster experience at best. The mechanics of skills and actions feel chunky, slow, and uninspiring, failing to captivate players as effectively as modern games do. Despite the AI’s competence for its time, combat tends to devolve into a routine chore rather than an engaging experience. Additionally, the settings within the game are deemed fairly average. From a technical standpoint, the game exhibits a few minor bugs, although nothing game-breaking or particularly noteworthy. It’s possible that some of the issues we encountered stem from the game’s age, which, at 10 years old, may not mesh well with newer hardware configurations.

The Skinny About Dragon: Age Inquisition

Final Considerations: 14/25

Overall, our experience with Dragon Age: Inquisition (Steam Link) left us feeling dissatisfied. We struggled to connect with the story and its characters, finding it challenging to invest in their narratives. The game maps felt devoid of life and activity, further detracting from our immersion in the world. Additionally, the clunky controls made progressing through the game feel like a tedious grind rather than an enjoyable experience. The mandatory requirement for a third-party launcher from Electronic Arts only served to exacerbate these frustrations. Furthermore, the game offers limited replay value, with a second playthrough potentially only appealing for nostalgic purposes. While the game may offer a decent cost-to-play ratio when purchased on sale, we cannot in good conscience recommend it otherwise, as it no longer meets the standards expected of contemporary video games.

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