Dredge, the single-player fishing adventure developed by Black Salt Games and published by Team17, presents a captivating journey of self-discovery amidst murky waters. Set sail on an epic voyage where you not only reel in your catch but also navigate the haunting depths in pursuit of buried truths. At Player Opinion, we plunged into the depths of this game and were pleasantly surprised by what we uncovered.


Dredge Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 19/25

Dredge showcases a gameplay experience that shines, even amidst its imperfections. While decision-making may not carry significant weight in shaping the game’s story, its overall quality stands as a testament to its excellence. The controls serve as an example of user-friendliness, facilitating seamless navigation through the depths of the game world. Whether opting for a controller or a keyboard-and-mouse setup, players can immerse themselves in the thrilling adventure that awaits. While the game strikes a commendable balance, the introduction of additional challenges could inject a heightened level of excitement, particularly given the gradual ease with which even the most daunting catches can be mastered over time. Nevertheless, the progression system ensures that players remain engaged and invested as they sail the seas on the exhilarating journey to reach each archipelago.

Presentation & Immersion: 21/25

The art style is captivating, reminiscent of a blend between post-impressionism and cartoon aesthetics. It creates a dark and mysterious atmosphere while maintaining a lighthearted tone. The environment exudes an oppressive yet intriguing aura, seamlessly aligning with the game’s overall visual presentation. The clean and functional HUD mirrors the art style perfectly, enhancing the immersive experience for players. The storyline unfolds like a compelling mystery, compelling players to uncover the who, what, when, why, and where behind the game’s narrative. As players progress through the Dredge, they find themselves deeply engaged in the unfolding story. However, one drawback worth mentioning is the absence of voice work, which, although understandable considering the game’s indie budget, could have added an extra layer of depth to an already good game.

Design & Technical: 18/25

Dredge is undoubtedly well-crafted, offering a good gaming experience, but it feels lacking in content. Despite its strengths, there are numerous missed opportunities throughout the game. One might speculate about the reasons behind abandoned characters scattered across the map, the presence of mysterious giant crabs with little purpose, or the feeling of missing upgrades that were never implemented. Whether due to budget constraints or oversight, the game occasionally feels hollow, leading to its relatively short duration. This emerges as the most significant drawback. While the lack of AI and standard game settings may not heavily influence the overall experience, they pale in comparison to the game’s content issue. On the technical front, the game performs flawlessly on maximum settings and resolutions, even accommodating ultra-wide screens, which is commendable.

The Skinny About Dredge

Final Considerations: 18/25

At Player Opinion, we cautiously recommend Dredge (Steam Link) to those seeking a shorter gaming experience, spanning between 10 to 20 hours for completion. If you’re a completionist, you might wring out a cheeky 25 hours of content from the game, as we did. However, we do have a minor gripe with the game—certain content locked behind a paywall feels unnecessary and should have been included in the base game—we are looking at you “Locked Shed”. Despite claimed reasoning and resolutions, this issue persists, which is disappointing. We also found that once you’ve completed the game, caught all the fish, and upgraded everything to maximum, there isn’t much incentive for replayability. Therefore, the cost-to-play ratio leans towards waiting for a sale rather than paying full price.

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