The souls experience got better! FromSoftware’s 2022 expansive open-world action RPG is worth of the praise it receives. Here at Player Opinion, henceforth referred to as the Tarnished, we have invested numerous hours immersing ourselves in the world of Elden Ring. The Lands Between are not just captivating; they are downright addictive. We found ourselves wandering through this vast landscape for days on end, lost in the allure of its intricacies and challenges.


Elden Ring Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 21/25

Right from the start, Elden Ring offers a significant gameplay experience. Intuitive controls contribute to snappy combat, where a single misstep can lead to your demise. Despite the game’s inherent difficulty, a hallmark of FromSoftware, we find the punishing nature to be balanced and engaging. It captivates us, rewarding hard-fought battles and exploration. However, if we had to deduct points, we felt that some of our choices didn’t significantly impact the overall narrative. Yet, there are entire quest lines that can be missed based on your decisions. Overall, as you evolve into the power-hungry Tarnished, you realize that nothing matters, and you’re merely leaving a trail of bodies across the Lands Between, embracing your inner murder-hobo with little regard for consequences. And strangely enough, that’s okay!

Presentation & Immersion: 20/25

Elden Ring delivers a quality experience across the board. Visually an eye-gasm, the music a ear-gasm, the stroyline… admittedly, is confusing; we won’t sugarcoat that. It’s downright weird, leaving us scratching our heads most of the time, unsure of what’s truly unfolding. While the overarching goal is clear—become Elden Lord and and defeat the other guy—the finer details often slip through our grasp. The who, the why, and all the intricacies go way above our heads. Strangely, though, it hardly seems to matter because the atmosphere is so captivating, the world feels vast and haunting. The interface is clean and functional, and doesn’t diminish from the setting, immersing you completely. You find yourself forgetting that the story is a convoluted knot; instead, you’re drawn into the exploration, lost in the deep world Elden Ring presents.

Design & Technical: 22/25

From a design perspective, Elden Ring is content-rich, featuring intelligent, beautifully choreographed AI and well-crafted mechanics. The game settings, while adequate, aren’t particularly noteworthy, and our time in the Lands Between saw minimal technical issues. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment, evidently invested time to ensure a polished release. In an industry plagued by incomplete and bug-ridden releases, Elden Ring stands out as an exemplary model. It sets a standard that other game developers should aspire to emulate. Seriously, why can’t they all be this good? But we digress here, our point being, we found minimal flaws, be they design-related or technical, in Elden Ring.

The Skinny About Elden Ring

Final Considerations: 24/25

Its hard to say enough about this game, without giving away details that may otherwise spoil your own experience. What we can say, however, is that Elden Ring is an immensely gratifying gaming experience, offering a wealth of content to delve into, diverse character builds to craft, and abundant replay value. Notably, it steers clear of the microtransaction trend plaguing the gaming industry. The game is well worth the full price, provided you’re prepared for a challenging journey. The notorious difficulty inherent in the FromSoftware Soulslike experience is precisely what contributes to their enduring success and longevity in the industry. Without a shred of doubt, we wholeheartedly endorse diving into Elden Ring—give it a try!

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