Rockstar North and Rockstar Games prove once again why they stand among the top game development studios with Grand Theft Auto V. At Player Opinion, we venture into the sprawling hills of Los Santos and Blaine County, immersing ourselves in a whirlwind of mayhem and chaos. Echoing the irreverent sentiment of Trevor, who provocatively calls, ‘Hey scooter buddy!’ we invite you to jump aboard and join us on this thrilling joyride.


Grand Theft Auto V Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 17/25

Exploring the intricate dynamics of Grand Theft Auto V’s gameplay reveals a truly immersive journey within the expansive single-player campaign. The narrative tends towards limited decision-making and follows a somewhat linear progression. However, the experience gains depth through consequences interwoven with thefts and other criminal exploits. Controls are exceptionally intuitive and thoughtfully designed, eliminating the need for remapping in most instances. This provides players with a seamless interface to navigate Los Santos. The gameplay achieves a balance, effortlessly blending challenge and enjoyment. This delicate interplay becomes particularly evident as the stakes escalate with a rising wanted level, showcasing the brilliance of Grand Theft Auto V in moments where chaos unfolds, and skillful escapes are the name of the game—a defining highlight within the broader gameplay experience.

Presentation & Immersion: 21/25

Grand Theft Auto V distinguishes itself with a storyline that is both fun and lighthearted, setting it apart from games that adhere to a single-character focus. The dynamic among the three main characters—Michael, Franklin, and Trevor—brings a refreshing twist to the narrative. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) adds to the immersive experience with its polished design and user-friendly interface. Visually, the game is striking, leaving us eagerly anticipating the advancements that Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) may bring. Diverse locations throughout Los Santos and its outskirts enhance the immersive landscape. The voice acting, especially Steven Ogg’s portrayal of Trevor, stands out and elevates the overall narrative. The musical backdrop, featuring over 20 in-game radio stations, allows players to personalize their playthrough, adding a layer of enjoyment to the gaming journey.

Design & Technical: 21/25

Throughout our playthrough, we encountered minimal technical issues, and the in-game settings proved more than adequate, ensuring a mostly smooth and beautiful gaming experience. The game mechanics, notably driving and character controls, stand out as near flawless, providing players with a pleasurable and easy-to-navigate environment. The wanted scale adds a fun dynamic, and the weapons system is best described as explosive. The intelligent, agressive and almost homicidal AI, coupled with these mechanics and the vast expanse of Los Santos, contributes to a rich and diverse array of game content to explore. Grand Theft Auto V undeniably stands as a testament to a robust technical foundation, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The Skinny About Grand Theft Auto V

Final Considerations: 20/25

Grand Theft Auto V reveals a nuanced perspective. The presence of microtransactions in online play becomes a notable concern, detracting from the overall excellence crafted by the developers at Rockstar. This aspect, driven by what seems to be developer greed, impacts the final score negatively. A full-priced game should inherently exclude microtransactions—something we truly stand behind. However, setting aside this concern and the need to spend additional money on microtransactions, the cost-to-play ratio emerges as acceptable. At Player Opinion, we invested several hours thoroughly enjoying all that GTA 5 had to offer. This included revisiting the game to optimize and manipulate the stock market in our favor. Despite the aforementioned complaint, Grand Theft Auto V stands as a highly satisfying game, worthy of exploration.

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