Step into the captivating world envisioned by Guerrilla Games in collaboration with PlayStation. Horizon Zero Dawn, once confined to a single platform, now extends its reach to gamers across different systems. At Player Opinion, we assumed the role of Aloy, traversing her mesmerizing journey through a futuristic Earth ruled by mechanized creatures. Our exploration led us to uncover the secrets concealed within ancient caverns and remnants of lost civilizations, ascending every towering Tallneck with unwavering resolve.


Horizon Zero Dawn Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 22/25

In Horizon Zero Dawn, players are drawn into a captivating story that keeps them immersed from start to finish. Dialogue and cutscene are worth watching, leaving players eagerly anticipating each unfolding moment. The gameplay is a testament to its brilliance, offering a dynamic challenge with escalating difficulty levels across diverse zones. As players progress, they encounter new and formidable machines, ensuring that the thrill of exploration never diminishes. Designed with controllers in mind, the intuitive and user-friendly controls reflect meticulous attention to detail. While decisions may appear to have minimal impact on the narrative, they do not detract from the overall rewarding progression. Each skill acquired and every crafted item serves as a gratifying power boost, enhancing the gameplay experience and reinforcing the sense of accomplishment throughout the journey.

Presentation & Immersion: 21/25

The game immediately captures your interest as the story unfolds, portraying a young girl mastering ancient technology and uncovering a haunting mystery in a not-so-distant future. Humanity survives in scattered, primitive tribes of varying technological skills, with Aloy emerging as the pivotal figure destined to unite and save her tribe in the 31st-century post-apocalyptic United States. Aloy’s character is brought to life through remarkable voice acting by Ashly Burch, making her a believable and relatable protagonist. This immersion is further heightened by imaginative visual aesthetics and an emotionally resonant soundtrack, turning the world into a captivating work of art. Notably, the HUD, while initially obtrusive, effectively emphasizes the contrast between primitive society and advanced technology, enhancing both charm and functionality without blending into the background.

Design & Technical: 20/25

In our experience with Horizon Zero Dawn, the overall design proved to be flawless, with no complaints regarding technical issues. The game’s settings appear optimized for consoles, which is not surprising given its PlayStation exclusivity. The AI implementation is particularly impressive, with encounters sometimes evoking a sense of genuine fear, especially when facing formidable foes like the Deathbringer. Despite its challenging adversaries, the game has rightfully garnered praise since its 2017 release, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship by talented and motivated game designers. However, its only notable drawback may be its length. Even our testers who typically take their time with games found that Horizon Zero Dawn could be completed relatively quickly, suggesting that the game’s duration might be shorter than expected.

The Skinny About Horizon Zero Dawn

Final Considerations: 22/25

Horizon Zero Dawn (Steam Link) deserves recognition as a pure single-player experience without microtransactions, setting a commendable standard in the gaming industry. While its exclusivity to PlayStation did limit accessibility for some players, it remained a standout title. And now that it is available to everyone, it continues to shine as a prime example of exceptional gaming. At Player Opinion, we advocate for greater inclusivity in gaming to ensure that remarkable experiences like Horizon Zero Dawn are accessible to all gamers, regardless of platform. Despite this initial drawback, the game offers significant replay value and a favorable cost-to-play ratio, making it a worthwhile investment for players. With engaging gameplay and captivating storytelling, Horizon Zero Dawn promises an exciting and immersive experience for all who play it.

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