Transporting players to the medieval heartland of Bohemia in 1403, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the immersive open-world RPG from Warhorse Studios (published by Prime Matter), drops them into a gripping tale of revenge within this vassal state of the Holy Roman Empire. At Player Opinion, we’ve explored besieged landscapes, traversed towering castles, and roamed through fertile forests and bustling villages. From mastering the art of reading to honing survival skills like hunting, bargaining, and even pilfering, our epic journey through Kingdom Come: Deliverance has left us yearning for more.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 22/25

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the journey from peasant to hero is a deeply rewarding odyssey. Players are thrust into a world where survival hinges on mastering essential skills. The game teaches these skills in an intuitive and balanced manner, ensuring that every action holds weight. Whether it’s learning to read or honing survival techniques crucial for life in Medieval Bohemia, each milestone achieved contributes to a sense of tangible growth. Each decision carries weight, with consequences that ripple through the world, shaping not only Henry’s destiny but also impacting the lives of those around him. Whether facing the immediate repercussions of a reckless choice or witnessing the subtle, long-term effects of a seemingly inconsequential action, players experience a dynamic tale where their choices truly matter.

Presentation & Immersion: 19/25

The most intriguing aspect of these choices is their limited impact on the game’s overall story. Much like the hierarchical structure of medieval society, Kingdom Come: Deliverance portrays players as relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of events. While players are involved in various happenings, the true power lies with the ruling factions. This narrative approach crafts a compelling, believable, and somewhat bleak story, immersing players in an environment ripe for exploration. Visually, the game meets expectations for its 2018 release, though it falls short of visual aesthetics. However, this doesn’t detract from the overall experience. The lively environmental sounds and convincing voice acting, particularly by Tom McKay, enhance immersion. Yet, navigating the HUD presents a bit of a learning curve, with some aspects feeling cumbersome.

Design & Technical: 19/25

The overall design of Kingdom Come: Deliverance left a lasting impression on us, showcasing intricate mechanics and inner workings that offered an exceptionally entertaining experience. We were compelled to explore every inch of the map, immersing ourselves in thrilling encounters with enemy AI and devising strategic ambushes for victory. Beyond combat, the game introduces unique mechanics that players must master, setting it apart from similar titles. From starting with minimal knowledge to gradually acquiring essential skills, the character progression adds depth to the gameplay. While the in-game settings may not be particularly standout, they serve as a backdrop for the immersive experience. Lastly, despite encountering a few technical issues, we want to note that they were not game-breaking, allowing us to fully enjoy the overall experience.

The Skinny About Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Final Considerations: 23/25

Rarely does a game of Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s caliber come along— one that doesn’t rely on additional in-app purchases or microtransactions, offering exceptional value for the amount of content it provides. With numerous replayable options and diverse gameplay experiences, it immerses players in a richly detailed representation of medieval history. At Player Opinion, we explored various playstyles before settling on the most satisfying approach for us. This versatility ensures that the game remained engaging long after the beginning. While it’s not without its imperfections, they do little to detract from the game’s unique, captivating, and enjoyable qualities. For those seeking an open-world adventure RPG, we highly recommend giving Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Steam Link) a try—it offers an unparalleled gaming journey unlike any other.

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