Enter the dynamic world of Last Epoch, Eleventh Hour Games groundbreaking 2024 release that blends the essence of Diablo and Path of Exile into a mesmerizing RPG experience. Set in the sprawling realms of Eterra, this game catapults players across time, offering an unparalleled adventure filled with danger and discovery. With a myriad of classes to master, treacherous dungeons to conquer, and a wealth of legendary loot to unearth, Last Epoch promises an exhilarating odyssey unlike any other. Prepare to shape the fate of Eterra and forge your legacy in this gripping fusion of past, present, and future.


Last Epoch Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 19/25

Developed by a team driven by a passion for ARPGs, Last Epoch positions itself as a strong contender in the action role-playing gaming arena, immersing players in a captivating world. The game offers a deeply engaging experience, providing players with a solid foundation for enjoyment. While in-game decisions may not drastically alter the narrative or environment, they significantly impact your character’s abilities, allowing for diverse playstyles and strategic depth. With an impressive selection of 15 mastery classes and over 120 skills to explore, Last Epoch ensures a balanced gameplay experience, responsive to community feedback through ongoing adjustments and prompt hotfix implementations. Overall, Last Epoch delivers remarkably accessible gameplay with intuitive controls similar to genre favorites, welcoming players of all skill levels.

Presentation & Immersion: 17/25

While the initial dialogue options didn’t seem to have a significant impact on the overall narrative—the story takes a backseat to the action in Last Epoch. Despite this, the game’s atmosphere, particularly the various levels and dungeons, proves to be immersive, and the sounds accompanying battles are truly captivating. However, notable areas for improvement exist, especially in the visual aesthetics department. The character models for the player character feel outdated, reminiscent of an earlier era, particularly when compared to recent releases like Diablo VI. Additionally, the HUD’s complexity presents a slight challenge, regardless of accessibility features like shortcuts to tooltips. Navigating the HUD can be cumbersome at times, leading to occasional confusion regarding functions and hotkeys. Nevertheless, with familiarity, the HUD maintains usability and cleanliness, ultimately becoming more seamless.

Design & Technical: 18/25

During our playthrough, a significant bug surfaced during an offline session, leading to the loss of several hours of progress and resetting one character to level 1. We believe this issue is known. To mitigate it, we ensured to travel to town first and then exit the game using the “Leave Game” button, verifying if our character saved before exiting entirely. Additionally, we noticed coding in descriptions, notably HTML line break tags on the character screen. This review was conducted during the 1.0 phase, so consider this in the future. Despite these issues, the game ran smoothly, with well-designed mechanics and expected AI behavior for an ARPG. It offers abundant, diverse content, and its customizable settings and loot filters resemble those in Path of Exile, albeit with a learning curve.

The Skinny About Last Epoch

Final Considerations: 21/25

Eleventh Hour Games has crafted an enticing and action-packed experience with Last Epoch. Available on Steam, the game seamlessly combines time travel, dungeon crawling, character building, and endless replayability, appealing to both seasoned players and newcomers. However, the inclusion of a cash shop is concerning, particularly given the initial purchase requirement. At Player Opinion, we have reservations about microtransactions, as they can compromise the gaming industry’s integrity. While titles like Path of Exile successfully integrate microtransactions into a free-to-play model, their presence in a paid game raises concerns. We advocate for a model where additional costs are avoided post-purchase. Despite these drawbacks, Last Epoch offers significant replay value, justifying its initial investment. We eagerly anticipate future seasons and encourage you to give it a try.

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