Wasteland 3 beckons adventurers into a post-apocalyptic world where every decision shapes the narrative and every battle defines survival. Created by inXile Entertainment, this party-based tactical RPG delivers an immersive experience punctuated by its trademark blend of narrative depth and strategic combat. At Player Opinion, our journey through the frigid wastelands of Colorado was marked by intense encounters, tactical choices, and the relentless pursuit of survival.


Wasteland 3 Game Review


Gameplay Experience: 20/25

In a post-apocalyptic world, inXile Entertainment crafts a narrative where every choice seems to have meaningful consequences in Wasteland 3. Small decisions made throughout the game ripple into unforeseen outcomes, sometimes rewarding players despite challenging choices. This creates a deeply satisfying experience, immersing players in a story where their decisions shape the lives of those around them. The gameplay is well thought out, allowing players to assess the advantages of each encounter for their Rangers. Encounters unfold with simplicity and intuitiveness, with easy-to-understand controls, all complemented by a skill system that is both enjoyable and accessible. However, maintaining a balanced team is crucial, as resources are scarce, emphasizing the importance of strategic diversity in weaponry selection and skills across characters.

Presentation & Immersion: 18/25

In Wasteland 3 (Wiki Link), players are immersed in an engaging experience characterized by its gritty and darkly comedic tone. The game’s story compels players forward through a tale of authoritarianism, displaced populations, and a brutal military force ruling over Colorado Springs and its surrounding hills. While the atmospheric setting captivates, the storyline itself falls somewhat short of expectations, hovering around a mediocre middle ground. Consequently, we found that the main story takes a back seat as we decided on exploring and experiencing the side quests available. Despite this, certain areas of the game stand out for their beauty and dreadfulness, accompanied by high-quality sound design and engaging voice acting. The HUD integrates all these elements, offering a clean and functional interface. Overall, the experience is overwhelmingly positive, albeit with minor flaws.

Design & Technical: 20/25

While the main story feels lackluster, contributing to an overall sense of insufficient content, we still managed to invest around 60 hours of gameplay. However, this duration felt somewhat short to us. It’s unfortunate because the game boasts brilliantly designed mechanics, all executed without encountering any bugs. The AI, while generally clever, can be outmaneuvered with strategic positioning, such as opening with an ambush and funneling opponents into disadvantageous scenarios. For those seeking an extra challenge, the Supreme Jerk mode offers the epitome of difficulty, providing a soul-crushing nightmare of brutality that is far from fair. It’s commendable that the game offers such settings for players seeking an extreme challenge, catering to those who truly relish punishing themselves with the toughest gaming experiences available.

The Skinny About Wasteland 3

Final Considerations: 20/25

Wasteland 3 (Steam Link) remains a satisfying overall experience, captivating players in a dark, radiation-filled world where danger lurks around every corner and the fate of Colorado rests in their hands. It’s perfect for a rainy—or even better, a snowy—day indoors. However, for us, the content fell a bit short of expectations, leaving us wanting more but lacking the motivation to replay due to the feeling of having seen it all in one playthrough. Despite this, we still believe it is worth your time and it scores well within the average range on our video game review system. If you’re seeking an immersive single-player tactical RPG experience, look no further than Wasteland 3—it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours.

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